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1. Name. - J.C.
2. Age. - 19
3. Location. - Milwaukie, Or.
4. Favorite movies. - Fight Club, Pulp Fiction, Heat, Lots of Comedies
5. Favorite music. - Tool, As i lay Dying, Alice in Chains, Deftones, Soilwork
6. Your idea of a good time. - Hangin with the kr3w, slammin down like 8 white russians then puttin theragezic on my ballzors
7. Most recent hatecrime you have commited. - Too drunk to remember
8. Meanest hatecrime you have commited. - Too drunk to remember
9. Race you dislike most. - Marsupials. or somethin.
10. Religion. - none
11. Why you applied. - Cuz my goal is to someday outdrink Rami. I think i can do it!
12. Why are we so cool? Cant nobody take our pride. Cant nobody hold us down, oh no.
13. 4 pictures of yourself. 3 of you and 1 of you drinking/drunk.

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