ghezzo (ghezzo) wrote in road_work_ahead,

how bout some...

i say we start a 13 word story. since we are the men at thinkin up random shit, itd be great. i'll make a reply explaining how it works for all you retards out there. JUST KIDDING!
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He called his poop shit? Or so he thought he called his feces...


March 18 2004, 13:28:55 UTC 13 years ago

feces or shit it all means the I must take......
the 13 word story rules and shove them up your ass, not 12!
hahahaha that was great mike.

So this mongoloid midget who likes to fuck chopsticks one day decided to..

HAHAHA that was kenneth! just lettin u guys know! ANYWAYS...

Eat some pork fried rice with those TAINTed chop-sticks THEM IN TO THERE FUCIN EYES! FUCKING FUCKERS!
WTF, I've totally lost he sequence of this story, I mean where the
fuck did ryans education go. When did seventeen words equal thirteen words. Prostitutes..
Love eating cock, especially when it is dipped in butter and smothered in
some hot sawce, not mild or medium, hot, with just a hint of
pepper. But the mongoloid midget says no. It's absolutly very big and huge ....
bitterness to the cum when you eat pepper. That didn't makes sense, but
Dude I wanna put a vest on, BLEAAEA! Orange vests are for pussies!
AHHHHHHHHHHH! hey by chance are you Buzz Light Year? I LOVE YOUR MOVIES!
almost as much as I love porkchop sandwiches! Holy shit, get the fuck
out of the picture before I mark your face with my shoe. Also ....
nigga...nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga pie.
Oleg im gonna kill you. Quit ending the story you fuckin piece of
hot russian me, yah me. I love arabs, especially Ted...
Kulongoski, his name is so hard to spell, mmm hard, that so damn
Stupid, Just like that russian fuck pLeg! I maybe retarded but u are
fucking homophobic retarded ass bitch panzy flower picking faggot fag. i quit. But...
quitting is for quitters. Noone likes a quitter and therefore you should not
give him the stick you little wanker. but too bad your ass got...
sa....cked. me me me me. me me me. I'm just kidding with ya
seen a, I wanna say, vinyl purse. I'm just dying to get my
what u talkin about???.... my anus is bleeding ... for the luv of god ...
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