ghezzo (ghezzo) wrote in road_work_ahead,

how bout some...

i say we start a 13 word story. since we are the men at thinkin up random shit, itd be great. i'll make a reply explaining how it works for all you retards out there. JUST KIDDING!
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while he was endlessly pounding the vegan with its own left foot, so...
now I can't find my can opener. You guys know where I left
my green and pink double headed dildo of doom that i use as
a scubing mechanism to clean my intestines after Mt Doom has unloaded itself
into my toilet. "Flushing Mt. Doom is quite a task, I have to
Try that again some time. It felt so good coming out." How can...
you love me the way you do? OOooOOoO, fuck me, Kitten, do it
Seven little chipmunks twirling on a branch, eating lots of sun flowers on...
my uncles esophagus! "How silly would that be" said the stupid mongoloid midget
This midget (who works side by side with queen Roweenah) is such a....
paper pushing pansy, the midget deminished my size and hair color what a...
solicitous mecrob, who failed to asudge my disquitude and made me say, "Shit...
on my face and top it with a cherry. The midget proceeded to
Krispy Kream where he stole an awesome sign that was worth 500 dollars.
Rami you just totally murdered it, oh well what can you do about...
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