ghezzo (ghezzo) wrote in road_work_ahead,

how bout some...

i say we start a 13 word story. since we are the men at thinkin up random shit, itd be great. i'll make a reply explaining how it works for all you retards out there. JUST KIDDING!
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I guess Rami could go stick his arm all the way up the...
Camels ass, but Rami is a straight man just looking for the right..
curves on a gilf, having no luck he went to and found...
that the people who attempt this game don't know the rules or grammar
even our foriegn buddy TED would get it faster than them. In another ...
dimension that is. One where time and space warp around a great big
black hole, sucking the dark matter out of a hyperbola faster then rami...
can pwn tree trunks with his car. I mean god damn it was
only yesterday that oleg lost his virginity to Ted's gaping black hole. Flamingos..
usually like to rape brown chickens. In fact, they do lika da cha ...
cha chas is the shit. You should try the massive chimichanga, they're friggen
like MASSIVE, not any type of matter nor black hole can eat these...
brownies after my ball-less male cat pissed all over them. But the rest ...
has a nice chewy texture too it, not quite unlike those bags of
cock and anal fungus which drips like water into my watery endless black...
garden hose. I use that hose everday to water my tomato plants, but
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