towfie (towfie) wrote in road_work_ahead,

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1. Name. Towfie ...or .. ya
2. Age.22
3. Location.Earth
4. Favorite movies.Kill Bill
5. Favorite music.songs i don't hate.
6. Your idea of a good time. good time is a code for SEX
7. Most recent hatecrime you have commited. saying russians r human
8. Meanest hatecrime you have commited. let a cat get in a bird's cage ... haha it was an awsome battle, the cat won though
9. Race you dislike most. hamasneh
10. Religion.u know what !! ... FUCK YOU ...
11. Why you applied. I don't have an excuse ... I admitt .. I'm guilty
12. Why are we so cool? cuz ain't no mountain high enough ... !!!
13. My pictures are on their way.
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