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The best Community EVER.

Fuck you.

Posting Access:
Anybody , Moderated
You apply, we rate you. Mercy is left at the door, and it could be unruly, but always to make the members feel better.

Use and Lj-Cut. If you don't know what that is, ask me nicely and I'll gladly tell you to fuck off.

Rules for application.
1. Name.
2. Age.
3. Location.
4. Favorite movies.
5. Favorite music.
6. Your idea of a good time.
7. Most recent hatecrime you have commited.
8. Meanest hatecrime you have commited.
9. Race you dislike most.
10. Religion.
11. Why you applied.
12. Why are we so cool?
13. 4 pictures of yourself. 3 of you and 1 of you drinking/drunk.

General Rules/Guidelines
1. Nudity is ok. Encouraged in fact. People that say NO NUDITY are gay.
2. We are assholes. If you don't feel you are up to par, go fuck yourself.
3. You can post if you aren't a member, cause you will be one soon enough.
4. Only mods can accept people, and they will be chosen on a majority vote.
5. If the net weight of anyone thinking about applying is more then us, you automatically have our blessing on doctor assisted suicide.
6. We heart your car.

Member Rules
1. Post and promote.
2. Be mean, please.. Rami loves it.
3. Make me cookies.





Accepted -

Rejected -

aim, alcohol, aol instant messenger, apples, baggy pants, batman, beaches, beer, binge drinking, blow, blowing shit up, bmx, bob vila, boobs, boozing, budweiser, c-section, cabbage, cakes, cancer, cars, cheese, chests, chinese food, clean houses, clean socks, cocaine, coke, computers, concerts, cookie dough, cookies, coors light, counterstrike, craftsman, croquet, darts, desktops, drinking, drugs, drums, dvda, eating, excerising, fast food, flowers, football, fun, fun things to do, furry animals, game cube, gin, grey goose, guitars, hair, halle berry, hard alcohol, hate crimes, hats, headbands, headphones, hennessy, high tech support, hockey, horrible childhood, hot chicks, html, hungry hippos, jager, jam, jello, jet, jobs, kids, laundering money, legos, lesbians, levis, lids, lincoln logs, madonna, mexican food, microwaves, mineral water, motocross, movies, mp3's, muscles, music, music instruments, new zealand, nipples, nonsmoking, oranges, outkast, pandas, partying, peanut butter, people, pictures, piercings, pies, pink underwear, popsicles, porn, radio, rami, rating communities, refridgerators, roadtrips, rock and roll, rum, scotch, sex, shaving, sheep, shows, signs, skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, sombreros, speakerboxxxxx, sports, straight edge, swiss army knives, tab, tables, tattoos, tequila, things, tits, tonka trucks, toolbox, trumpets, tv, vagina, vd, video games, violence, vodka, vomiting, walkmans, water, websites, wine, wiskey, xhardcorerobertx, yoyos, zebras